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What Next After a Car Accident in Florida?

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With a population exceeding 18.5 million residents, Florida is almost overtaking New York as the United States’ third most populous state. With such a huge population, extensive coastline, and endless  network of roadways, there is a high risk of getting injured at every turn. Car accidents are caused mostly by distracted driving, DUI, and poor weather conditions.

Serious injuries sustained from a car accident can leave you unable to perform your normal day-to-day duties and present you with a mountain of medical expenses (medical costs, reduced wages, and rehabilitation or therapy costs). Personal injury law in Florida provides a way for accident victims to be relieved or “made whole” again in the form of monetary compensation.

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When a car accident occurs, you may experience a shock to the extent of not knowing what to do next. With the right legal assistance from an experienced Orlando car accident attorney, car accident victims have a guarantee of getting fair compensation. The moment you get involved in a car accident, do the following:

Gather relevant details

When possible, get relevant information from the other driver, passengers, and witnesses. This information includes phone numbers, addresses, vehicle model, and license numbers. The collected information is a form of evidence and could be of much help when filing a report or a lawsuit.

Report the accident

Call 911 immediately and report the crash to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) or Police. In accordance with the state law in Florida, an accident should be reported immediately to FHP when any of the following occurs:

(a) Death or injury

(b) A hit and run accident

(c) An accident resulting in property damage of over $500

(d) An accident is caused by an intoxicated driver.

Moreover, in Florida, a car crash report must be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This must be done within 10 days of the accident.

File for compensation with your insurance company

Florida is among the 12 states in the United States that are no-fault states. This means that every person’s own car insurance pays for injuries and damages arising from accidents, no matter whose fault it is. Every driver is required to always carry his Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy, worth a minimum of $10000 per person.

In the event an accident occurs, you should first turn to your PIP car insurance coverage for compensation. There is a need to hire an experienced Orlando car accident attorney who can negotiate with your insurance company or file a lawsuit where need be.

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Seek medical treatment

Florida’s PIP new law requires that an injured driver seek treatment within 14 days to receive PIP benefits. Some injuries may not manifest immediately and, therefore, it is very important that you seek immediate medical attention to ensure the situation is controlled and that you are well.

Car accident injuries are traumatizing no matter how less severe they may be. A serious injury arising from car accident leaves you or your loved ones suffering, unable to work, and in a financial crisis. You will require assistance from an experienced Orlando car accident attorney who can negotiate with your insurance company, file a lawsuit or help decide on way forward legally.

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