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Three Toning Exercises Your Clients Should Be Doing

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People need to exercise and by being fit, they can live a longer and more productive life. People who exercise regularly can gain strength and build muscle mass, while losing weight and increasing their endurance. Unfortunately, as we get older, we start to lose muscle mass naturally and our bodies begin to compete against time. We have to change the way we exercise if we want to retain our muscle mass and that lean, tone look that we have worked so hard to achieve.

As a personal trainer who has taken OriGym fitness courses, you will see many older clients who are trying to tone their bodies and some might be ineffective at it. This is where you come in. You can help them stay tone and lean by adding the following exercises to their routine.

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Here are three toning exercises that you can do to retain your muscle mass:

  1. Bridge butt lift: This is a great workout technique to tone your buttocks. To do this, you need to lay down on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Make sure that both legs are shoulder width apart. Place both palms of your hand down on either side of the body and beside your buttock. Start the by pushing on your feet, lift the buttocks off the floor and squeeze your glutes. Hold this position, come back to the floor slowly and relax. Repeat this exercise until you have completed 3 sets of 10.
  2. Squats: Squats are a basic exercise method that improves your quadriceps, hamstrings and butt muscles. Stand with both feet firmly planted on the floor and shoulder width apart. Lower your buttocks like you are sitting in a chair. Keep your upper body straight and your abs tight. Hold for about 4 seconds and go back to the standing position. For maximum tonic effect and balance, concentrate your weight on the heels.
  3. Reverse lunges: Lunges are great for toning your quadriceps muscles. However, they can be challenging to do for people who have problems with their knees. With reverse lunges, there will be less pressure on your knees, but you can still tone the right muscles in your body. Start by putting both arms at the sides and stand firmly. Step backwards with only one leg, until you’re lunging. Make sure that you bend the front leg until you achieve a 90-degree angle. Your back leg should be placed far enough back, until you stand on the ball of the back foot. Lower yourself down, so the back knee starts to touch the floor. Hold for 4 seconds and return to the starting lunging position. Alternate each leg and do five sets with 30 seconds of rest between each set.

These three exercises are simple and you can incorporate them easily into your client’s workout routine. After doing these exercises regularly, your client should start to feel much better about themselves and their toned appearance.

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