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Things to Contemplate Before Marrying The One

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We have seen our favorite celebrity couples breaking their marriages after giving so less or so much time to it. It can only calculate to the fact that marriages are no fairy tales. Sustaining matrimony can be a really tough business. While you may think you’ve found “the one”, it isn’t really enough reason to get married.

There are deeper aspects of a relationship that you have to reflect upon before setting yourself on a new phase of matrimony. Psychologists and marriage experts provide the following questions to answer for yourself to take a decision on committing to a married life.

What are the differences in your personalities that can become jarring in the future?

Matrimonial websites are sure to connect you to the kind of person you are looking for. But they offer no assurances about his/her personality. Even if you have spent a good deal time in a relationship, you need to consider the aspects in your differing personas that can cost you heavily in the future. It does not take a lot of time for a habit to change from adorable to downright annoying.

How do you respond to their presence as a roommate?

A good way of assessing your relationship and potential married life is to consider your compatibility as roommates. You cannot rely on your communication or connection built through online marriage sites to survive the test of time. A larger rapport is required to live together for the rest of the life. This way, you can talk about the practices that you do not agree with and make a plan for the future.

What is your partner’s status on addictive substances?

In order for a marriage to sustain on healthy terms, it is imperative to ponder upon the other’s habits associated with addiction. Substance abuse can ruin marriages and it is no joke. Do not overlook anything which is symptomatic of this issue. For a better future and family life, you have to address this subject boldly and truthfully.

How do you proceed in situations of conflict?

It goes for every relationship that conflict is inevitable. It can even be something as minor as choosing the color of your house walls. In such a scenario, you have to consider both you and the other’s ways of reacting to a conflict of interests. Make a thorough examination of how you both argue and adjust in fights. If you find yourself in an impasse after this, try reading and counseling before going further with your decision. Your ways of dealing with stress and pressure are also to be taken into consideration.

How do you look at your affinity for financial models?

At the end of the day, money runs the world. Before committing yourself to a person, you have to consider their financial habits and mannerisms to progress further. This one factor can bring everything to a collapse if you don’t have a mature and aware understanding about it. Do not undermine the importance of the role of money in making your marriage work. Contemplate on your monetary methods.

With hundreds of marriage websites available at a click of a finger, you can go about the business of finding your love partner. Make sure you tick this list before committing to marriage.

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