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Smithfield Foods China-World’s Largest Pork Processor & Producer

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The US is passionate about food. Since pork is popular in the USA, there are many pork processing and manufacturing businesses across the country. The Smithfield Foods China is US’s largest pork processor and producer. The business has state of the art infrastructure and on a daily basis 10000 pigs are butchered here. The employees of the firm require havingknowledge about the working of the pork processing units and they also require having knowledge about how the pigs are butchered properly.

Chinese Interest in US based Food Business to feed its Growing Middle Class

Very recently, China took control of the Virginia based US business in what is termed as the most expensive deal. The US lawmakers are clueless about the actual agenda of China. However, they feel that the communist country is up-to some mischief. Whereas others say that China has a large middle class population and this population is getting richer, they started spending more on food like pork meat. The lawmakers argue that in China there exist a genuine crisis of pork and that is the reason they took control of the Smithfield Foods China.

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US Lawmakers Apprehensive of Chinese Motives

There are many US senators who feel that the US also has a large market for pork and the deal took away 25% of the pork from its market. Those who apprehend that the deal is a cause of Chinese intervention say that it sets precedence and therefore the US has to remain alert and cautious. The different pork manufacturing businesses across the country feel insecure while trading with China, reports suggest. They fear that if they are obliged to strike a deal with the government then they may lose their freedom to bargain for better business profitability.

It is important to understand that China and the US are superpowers and they are totally different from each other with respect to culture, socio-economic conditions, foreign policies, etc. Very recently US and Chinese moves have indicated that some kind of cold war has started between the two nations.

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