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Real Estate Notes: Buy and Selling Them 

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Real estate is a commercial or residential property with a mortgage on it. A mortgage is a contract between a lender and buyer for a property backed by collateral. Some people for various reasons are unable to pay their monthly mortgage payments. This is a headache for the lender, but a potential investor wanting to get into the real estate note market. 

Why Buy a Real Estate Note 
A non-performing property commonly refers to a distressed property or one behind in payments. The reason why people purchase non-performing notes is to acquire property to use as leverage to negotiate with the current homeowner. The second reason is to creative what’s called a passive, high-yielding investment. 

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Buying the Non-Performing Real Estate Notes 
Buying a real estate note can be a very profitable venture while making a difference. For example, the real estate investor can make money while helping homeowners to remain in their homes. Once the investor buys the business note, they become the new lender. The typical approach taken is to buy a real estate note on a distressed property. They can then foreclose on the property. If they decide to foreclose on the property, they either retain the property or sell. They can also choose to work with the current homeowner to restructure the mortgage payments into something the homeowner can afford. 

Buying and Selling Real Estate Notes 
An everyday investor has access to real estate notes. Large banks sell these real estate notes to hedge funds. After the hedge funds have control of them, the real estate notes are separated into pools. The notes are then given to private equity firms and smaller hedge funds. Once this happens, the everyday investor can buy one real estate note or a pool of them. 
New investors may not be familiar with the term “one off.” A one off means the investor buys less than 10 notes or just one note. This means the investor can pick the real estate notes they want. 

Selling a Real Estate Note 
At any point an investor thinks, “lets sell my real estate note” they have the option to do so. Companies buy real estate notes from investors. This means the investor can sell the real estate note for cash. They can sell all or part of the real estate note too. That way they can move on their next real estate venture. The best real estate notes to sell are seasoned notes. These real estate notes are one where the homeowner has made monthly payments. 

Options After Acquiring the Real Estate Note 
Becoming a real estate investor requires a lot of strategy. However, it has the potential to become a wealthy venture. It is important to point out that an investor should go into this venture with eyes wide open. At any time, a real estate investor can decide to flip the property, work with the homeowner or eliminate a real estate note altogether by selling. Plenty of real estate note companies are available to buy the real estate note.

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