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Protect The Heat Pumps From The Weather This Winter

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When you need to heat your home during the winter season, using the heat pump is an energy-efficient solution because it does not generate heat, but moves it from outside to the inside of the home. However, heat pumps may develop certain issues if the temperature drops below a certain point. You must try to check the equipment to ensure that there is no hindrance or problems in the machine, but follow the general tips of maintenance to ensure that it works properly during the winter. Try to keep the outdoor unit of the pump away from a leaking gutter as water can drip on the unit and freeze which in turn freezes the entire unit.

Emergency heat and cleaning

You must turn the position of the thermostat to emergency heat while removing the snow or ice as it helps the device to stop the extraction of heat during the process of maintenance.  It allows the device to heat your home even when you are cleaning it, but remember to turn the thermostat back to the option of normal heating after you clean the buildup of snow and ice. Apart from this, you must exercise caution while cleaning the snow and ice that accumulates on the device during the winter. The best you can do is to pour warm or cool hose water on the top of the pump instead of using sharp objects to remove the buildup from the coils as it can harm the device.

Do not ignore the maintenance

It is not enough to check the heat pump prices before you buy this equipment to heat your home during the winter. You must check the unit periodically during the winter and be proactive enough for cleaning it properly. It is wise enough to check the unit more than you normally to avoid buildup during the winter. Make sure the unit is elevated at a proper height from the ground to avoid the snow and ice to accumulate on it.

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