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Powering up the household in time of necessity

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Inverter, is a conglomeration of circuitry or an electronic device which converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).  An inverter supply power to various electronic devices during the time of power failure to offer an uninterrupted power supply. It is an emergency situation device which is used both in domestic condition and also in offices. The input, output voltage, frequency, the power handling capacity all depends upon the design of the circuits which differ from inverter to inverter.

A 12v to 120v inverter means the inverter uses12V direct current and convert it to 120v alternate current. There are two types of inverter available in the market :

  • Square wave inverters
  • Pure sine wave inverters

 Pure sine wave inverters are used mainly in homes to run tv, refrigerator, cell phone, laptop, microwave, satellite dish and  many other household devices. They produce the purest form of current and have less voltage output compared to square wave inverters. An  inverter can be built in different sizes depending upon the transistors and transformers used for Q1, Q2 and for T1 to supply power anywhere from 1watt to 1000 watts, but inverter 12v to 120v can tackle about 300 watts of power supply. All the household electronic items of wattage ranging up to 300 watts can be handled by a 12v to 110v power inverter.

12v to 120v Inverter chargers are associated with the inverter to provide an uninterrupted power supply. These inverter batteries, are built in DC, making it easier to charge it when not in use through available alternating current. Most of the chargers have an inbuilt transfer switch which indicates that the charger is connected to an AC device and the inverter charges its batteries subsequently and when that AC  power became unavailable the inverter inverts the battery into AC power.

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