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Platform Lifts Vs. Ramps: Which One Is Suitable for You?

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Are you looking for the most suitable solution to your mobility issues and need to decide between the wheelchair ramp and the platform lift? Many factors would need to be addressed when making this choice. For that matter, we have brought you the pros and cons of both the solutions to help you choose the most suitable one for you while facilitating your decision-making process.

1.     Platform Lifts

The pros and cons of Platform lifts are given below:


  • Can be installed in inconspicuous locations as it is made into a sleek design effectively to be incorporated in any location. They can also be used in public venues as their design is unobtrusive and allows wheelchair users to access these places conveniently.
  • It usually comes in a compact size and hence covers up little space which makes it the ideal choice for facilities with limited floor space.
  • They also come in portable versions which make them the ideal solution for transportation from one location to another in stadiums, organizations, etc. for easy mobility as well as compact size.


  • They aren’t allowed to be installed in a new building but can only be used as a solution for remodeling.
  • This solution may be expensive due to the initial cost of the lift as well as the installation charges.
  • A platform lift isn’t safe for the transportation or support of industrial cargo or heavy freight as it is only designed to conform to the civil rights laws and safety regulations and not for the handling of freight.

2.     Wheelchair Ramps

The pros and cons of the wheelchair rampsare given below:


  • Ramps are allowed to be used in new buildings to facilitate accessible pathways.
  • Ramps are the ideal solution when low elevation change is required to overcome and can be installed at low cost while adhering to the legal requirements.
  • A wheelchair ramp can also be useful for freight and cargo transportation.


  • They aren’t very aesthetic particularly when it comes to overcoming the large elevation changes.
  • Installing a ramp require a lot of space and hence isn’t the preferred choice in case of buildings where space comes at a premium.
  • A ramp with rising beyond 18” can be inconvenient for people with mobility difficulties and other health issues.
  • As they require a lot of space and are inadequate to overcome large elevation changes, they aren’t the ideal solution to access different levels if a multi-story building.
  • The portable wheelchair ramps can be difficult to move since they require many people as well as their time to assemble and then disassemble for movement while taking up significant space in storage as well.

These pros and cons of the platform lifts and the wheelchair lift can help you to decide between the two while considering your requirements and other deciding factors. Once you get to decide the right type, you can choose the most appropriate one for your needs from

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