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Measuring for Curtains in The Bedroom

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The bedroom is a retreat from the rest of the world. A bedroom is a place to go to help reduce stress and have a comforting night’s sleep. Many elements go into creating a bedroom that encourages rest. One of the most important are curtains. Curtains add lots of color to the space. They also help regulate the amount of light that gets into the room. In order to make sure the curtains the person has work best, it helps to make sure the homeowner has right sized curtains. Curtains that are too long will pool on the floor and may pose a hazard for those who are walking in the room late at night. However, curtains that are too short may not provide adequate coverage and may look awkward.

The Size of the Windows

Windows vary greatly in size. So, do curtains. Anyone who is planning to buy any kind of curtains for the bedroom will need to take the size of the windows into account. Larger windows will need more materials. Windows in an odd shape such as an arch will also need special care. All measures should be done closely. Start by gathering measuring tape that lays flat. This allows for highly accurate measurements. Using measuring tape that also allows the person to measure down to at least a half inch. Curtains come in varied sizes. A smaller window should have the smallest possible curtains that can fit against it to help keep the overall look clean and modern.

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Making Allowances

When measuring the curtains, keep in mind that at least half an inch will be necessary to help cover the area around the window. So, a curtain that is 43 inches long may look best with a window that is a few inches shorter. Curtains will also need enough space to be hung on the windows. Avoid having curtains that extend too far against the ceiling. Keep in mind that the curtains should also be wide enough to cover the window and the sill. Measure the window sill and check it out. Make sure there’s enough material to also account for any underlying materials. For example, a curtain may have a blackout section that is paired with another sheer curtain below it. It’s best to take all the layers into account when measuring the window space.

A Great Look

A great set of curtains in any home will make the bedroom feel more appealing. Well measured curtains make this process easier. Someone may want to put two curtains on the same window to help create a more formal look. Tiebacks can be used to keep the curtains in place when not in use. Make sure each curtain has been measured so it does not overpower the window. Think about using one curtain on one window and another down below. Properly planned curtains can help the person get to sleep faster and make any room look fabulous at the same time.

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