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Mass tort case for a faulty product

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What would you do if the televisin you bought last month stops working abruptly, or your car is making strange noises after a week you bought it? You immediately stress yourself worrying about your product; it can happen sometime that you or your loved ones may be at harm from such products. You can file a suit in the court under the guidance of an experienced law firm like Zanes Law Firm to get compensation for your loss. A mass tort case specializes in litigations filed for faulty product be it your mobile phone or car or any product.

A mass tort case is filed in three categories and you can file a civil suit under any of these:

  1. Defects in design: these cases are filed individually or in a group, a case is filed if the product shows sign of potential danger for you and for your family. For example, your window glass may have a design defect which results in breaking of the glass by strong winds. Any injury caused by such a product makes you eligible to file a suit in the court.
  2. Defect in manufacturing: if you sustain an injury from a product which has a manufacturing defect then you can file a suit in the court under the grounds of product liability. For example, your car’s engine may stop working or cause unidentified problems due to some manufacturing defect may harm you or your loved ones.
  3. In-sufficient warnings: suppose you bought a microwave oven and it does have a “warning hot surface” sign on top of it and because of that someone in your family sustained a burn, you can file a suit in the court under product liability.

You can file any suit in the court under these three parameters provided the injury or problem created to a faulty product is legible and subject to court scrutinization, then only you can file mass tort case in the court. In order to get compensation from the manufacturer of the faulty product, you will need a skilled and efficient lawyer who can file your litigations and carry on the court proceedings so that your claim is justified and you can get the appropriate amount of compensation for your loss from the manufacturer. Such a skilled mass tort lawyer can be provided by Zanes Law firm, who have relevant experience in this field.

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