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How digitization of work has affected us?

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Nowadays we see everything around us being digitized; we can see people working on computers and laptops in their offices all day long. But the most important question is that digitization is good for the Society or not. There is no doubt that with the use of Technology the productivity has increased the inclination of people towards the work. But due to the growing use of new and advanced technology tools people have started neglecting their health and are less concerned about the negative impacts of these tools.

Musculoskeletal problems

Working for long hours on the computer can cause many side effects which people may not have thought of. Musculoskeletal problems are very common while working with computers. You make experience pain in your body when you sit for many hours in front of computers such as in your neck, back, shoulders and hands etc. You may want to experience numbness in your hands and arms; you may also be tiredness and muscle pain. Because of these problems many people have been bound to take medicines for making themselves relax. Many people have been taking viagra also for stimulating their sexual activities.

Ways in which you can take care of yourself

If you are in a job in which you have to sit in front of the computer the whole day. Then you should select the proper height for your desk and chair so that the screen of your computer is at your eye level and you do not have to stress a lot by looking at the computer screen.

Another thing which you can do to make yourself relax is today one small break from work. In this way, you can stretch your muscles, and the blood flow in your body will also be regulated in the short intervals of time. This will also enable you to rest your eyes you can go for a small walk or take a small nap just to relax your eyes

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