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Have A Spectacular Experience On An African Safari Package Holiday

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A safari holiday in an African country is an experience you will never forget.  Swahili for ‘journey’, a safari is a journey you will love.  There are at least 15 countries in Africa where you can go on a safari.  The primary goal of this type of holiday is to observe wildlife in their natural environments, as well as taking in the sights and sounds of the local culture and countryside.

It is incredibly easy to arrange an African safari packages holiday nowadays, as there are a number of reputable travel agents and tour operators that will organise your entire trip in the most cost-effective and efficient way.  From staying at the best resorts to the guides taking you on your safari and the actual itinerary, everything is taken care of to ensure your African adventure is as enjoyable and memorable as it can be.

Where Are You Going To Go?

As we have already noted, there are various countries across the African continent where you can experience a safari holiday.  Along with places like Botswana and Kenya, two of the most common safari destinations are South Africa and Tanzania.

South African Safari

South Africa is home to some of the largest game reserves in the world, including the renowned Kruger National Park.  If you love dense forests, rolling hills and dramatic mountains and cliffs; you will love South Africa.  There are a variety of family-friendly safaris such as Shamwari and Greater Addo National Park in the Eastern Cape; as well as a number of game reserves that are home to the ‘Big Five’.

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There are various options open to you to help you have the best safari you can.  This includes:

  • Honeymoon Safaris – These safaris are tailored specifically for couples looking for a luxurious, enjoyable and ultimately private trip.
  • Overland Safaris – This is an enjoyable and affordable way to experience Africa
  • Family Safaris – Trips organised for families.
  • Day Tours and Safaris – These types of trips involve the choice of full day or half day trips to the most popular destinations
  • Rail Safaris – A combination of luxury rail travel and the safari experience
  • Self-driving Safaris – These are customised to meet your own preferences of locations and enable you to travel at your own pace.
  • Flying-In Safaris – These are designed to allow you to fly to your chosen destinations, to give you the most time on your safari.
  • Camping Safaris – These are suited to people who are able to camp in a dome tent and enables you to get closer to real African wildlife.

Safaris In Tanzania

Perhaps the biggest draw to Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world.  However, Tanzania also has striking landscapes and beautiful land to marvel at.  The region known as Ngorongoro is actually the world’s largest crater and is densely packed with wildlife.

There is a choice of various safaris from luxury to mid-range and even budget.  These can also be designed to meet the needs of families.  You also have the option for a safari that includes visiting four different parts of the country or you can go to the Ngorongoro Conversation Area or Serena Serengeti Safari.  At these destinations, you can see birds of prey, African big cats, buffalo, onyx, rhinos, elephants, zebras and wildebeest.

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