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Factors to Consider When Building a Kennel

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If you regard your dogs as a member of your family, then you want the best for them. You want them to have the best toys, healthy meals, and shelter. Building a palace for your dog can offer comfort and protection against inclement weather. Here are some of the essential factors to consider before constructing your pet’s kennel.

Pet’s Habit

It is essential to know how your pet behaves. A kennel with a flat roof instead of eaves or overhang can be ideal for a dog that likes to keep tabs on the surrounding. If your pet tends to overheat, avoid a roof that can attract heat from the summer sun. Instead, you can treat an exterior plywood panel with non-toxic stain and use it as a roof. Building a spacious kennel means paying attention to all concerns of your pet including security and comfort.

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The Size of Your Pet

It is critical to determine if your pet will fit in a kennel before you build it. Build a spacious kennel even if your pet is a puppy. You don’t want to build a new kennel when your puppy outgrows it a few months. Your pet needs enough space to lie down and move around. Build a small kennel so that the pet can warm it with its natural body heat during the winter. Pets often prefer cozy, but not open houses.


If possible, build a custom dog kennels in the darkest and coldest spot in your backyard. It is likely to last longer when it is situated in a shady place. Attaching it to your garage wall ensures it won’t be blown away by the wind.

Weather Conditions

Building a well-ventilated kennel gives your dog extra warmth during the winter. Placing the door in the front provides your pet with more privacy and protection from the storm. You can use magnetic flaps if you want the door to close after the dog gets inside or outside the house. It is also essential to build the kennel on a high pitched ground to prevent water from getting inside. Moreover, the raised floor keeps the interior of your dog’s housewarmer during the winter. Consider a kennel that slopes toward the door to allow the collected rainwater and snow to drain out.

Construction Materials

Plastic is the cheapest and lightest material for building a pet’s kennel. Plastic kennels don’t rust and are easy to transport. Furthermore, they offer convenience when it comes to cleaning since all you need is to hose them down. Wood kennels provide the best insulation and protection against severe weather. In fact, they can withstand extremely high temperatures and humidity. However, it is recommendable to use non-toxic wood such as pine or cedar to ensure the house is free of harmful chemicals. Don’t be afraid to get creative when you are designing a kennel. Using a removable roof makes it easier for you to clean the interior of the house. Use of cedar or pine shavings can add insulation to your pet’s kennel.

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