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Considerations Businesses Should Make in Choosing Intranet Solutions

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Intranet has become a great tool for business success. It makes communication and sharing of documents much easier. Institutions and organizations seeking to grow their businesses need to have intranet solutions to increase their productivity. What intranet does is that it allows businesses to create private and secure networks accessible by internal staff only.

Setting up requires intranet software which will see the network up and running within the shortest time possible. The task of choosing an intranet for the business is of great importance and one must take the following into consideration;

  • Budget

Everything in a business set up need to be accounted for especially in money matters. How much money does the business have and what portion are they willing to use on intranet? For large corporate businesses, the issue of the budget may not be a big deal compared to small businesses.

On a tight budget, organizations may choose to go for the free intranet solutions. The free intranet is however limited to some plugins and add-ons which can only be accessed at an extra cost. How much money you put into intranet solutions will depend on the provider’s license and agreement and the software’s specifications.

  • The ease of use

Time is of the essence and highly valued in the business world. Most businesses may not have the time and resources to offer protracted staff training. The intranet solution chosen should be intuitive. Cloud-based intranet solutions are the best to use since their design make it easy for staff members to use and manage. It may come at an extra cost but is worth it in terms of ease of use and time factor.

  • The intranet’s flexibility

It is no longer about accessibility via laptops and desktops. The intranet of choice should be accessible on mobile devices and tablets. Employees visiting clients or having off-site meetings needs to be able to access the intranet without a compromise in efficiency.

  • Maintenance and update issues

For businesses to keep enjoying the benefits of intranet, it needs to be up-to-date. The information provided should be accurate and relevant to avoid inconveniencing the business performance. In addition, the type of intranet one opts to use should be easy to maintain. Changing content or adding an image should not be time consuming nor difficult.

  • Company’s needs

This is a critical step when businesses are considering integrating intranet in the business. The company should formulate a list of things that the intranet needs to improve and the problems to solve in the business. This is mostly dictated by the intranet’s ability to store and make document sharing easy and increase productivity. If the intranet you settle on, whether free or paid for, meets your needs, then you have made the right decision.

Organizations and businesses seeking to incorporate intranet in their day to day activities need to be critical in making their choice. Unreliable intranet only makes it harder for businesses to meet their agendas and makes employees’ morale and productivity depreciate. Follow the considerations above and one will be sure to set up intranet that best suits the business.

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