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Used catalytic and thermal oxidizers? Yes, of course. If you don’t know what they are you should. These sophisticated pieces of equipment are on the front lines of the continuing war against environmental pollution. What does “Industrial Air Pollution Abatement” even mean?

Knowledge is power and the phrase “Know thy enemy” is the mantra of the environmental warriors who have taken it upon themselves to save this planet from the very people who inhabit it. 

Environmental clean-up is fast becoming a critical task and serious measures are being put in place to prevent pollution at the point of origin. Very sophisticated and complex equipment is needed to wage these battles and stopping it before it starts is a best practice. This important equipment is being used more and more by responsible industries in continuing efforts to again, keep pollution from happening at all. 

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Providing this equipment is a unique and specialized service industry in and of itself, and the people who provide it are equally unique and specialized. there are many kinds of equipment and each one performs a very specific task. Among the many technologies used, catalytic and thermal oxidizers are perhaps the most advanced. Refurbishing used equipment is an art form and every unit is heavily scrutinized by tremendously talented experts with many years of experience. Every detail is checked and re-checked, and nothing is overlooked. Failure of these units is not an option. Only when each piece of equipment reaches nearly brand new are they put back on the sales block ready for service. This industry specific service also purchases used environmental equipment from various sources for upgrades and refurbishing. Nothing is wasted in this process and the re-use of the equipment itself adds to the protection of the environment as, well aside from its function. 

The entire process is great, and it is evolving all the time as is the technology & the great people who deal in this equipment are keeping pace.

The providers of this service become a part of their customers business to reach the best solution possible, and every option is explored until the buyer is completely satisfied. 
This heavily regulated area of pollution and emission control in industry leaves no room for error and very strict procedures are in place to make sure nothing is missed. Being able to navigate environmental procedural guidelines and protocols is priority one in providing top notch industry service. The pros make it seem easy. 

The extreme measures taken to prevent polluting emissions can never be overdone. Awareness of how delicate our environment is has spread wide and is continuing to spread. Many people around the world are dedicating their lives to studying the very complex sciences involved in understanding our planet. These studies are very disciplined and extensive and there is a wealth of information related to it for everyone to see. It’s meant to educate everyone and attract the best and brightest to join the fight and win.

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