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6 Platforms for Free Teleconference Calls

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Teleconferencing is benefiting businesses by allowing them to communicate with several employees and clients at a single time, hereby saving cost, ensuring speedy communication and eliminating security risk. With growth of teleconferencing, many platforms have being made to users to be free teleconference calls. They are as follows.

  1. ezTalks Meetings

It is a very popular platform for making free teleconference calls and allows up to a 100 participants free of cost. Apart from providing good quality free teleconference facilities, its other features include screen and content sharing, private and group chats, recording and playback facility, live broadcasting through video conferencing etc.

  1. FreeBridge

This platform of free teleconference calls is suitable for businesses and enterprise as it allows over a 100 participates in a single free teleconference call which is suitable for sales business or training seminars requiring large audiences. Features of this platform help business become productive, streamline business operations and process due to quick and speedy communication.

  1. Skype

It is a very old and well known platform used for free teleconferencing calling. Its features include free calling, ability to send messages to many people at once, group chat etc. It provide good quality free teleconference calling which is secured and allows up to 25 participants at a single time.

  1. Rehuddle

It is a user friendly as easy to use platform used for free teleconference calling. It is highly flexible and adaptable and can be modified as per needs of the users. Its popularity is mainly due to its simple user interface, easy accessibility and flexibility.

  1. OpenVoice

This free teleconference platform has features that allow generations of static reports, conduct conference calls with up to 500 participants and easily create calling groups. This platform is suitable for individuals who are often travelling and require a free teleconference calling facility.

  1. SendHub

It is a simple, easy to use to make teleconference calls free of charge. Its features and user friendly interface allows users easy access and makes making teleconference calling flexible and adaptable as per the users needs and requirements at affordable rates.

After analyzing the free teleconference calling reviews, we can observe that each platform for free teleconference calls has its own unique features and limitations and hence users should carefully analyse their individual needs and requirements before choosing a platform for making free teleconference calls suitable to their personal and business needs.

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